Student projects
By the end of the class, everyone completes their project!
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Class Demo
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My Philosophy:
The more we are exposed to different methods and ideas, the more we expand our own horizons. The energy that you give your club by providing the members with a program of non-local demonstrators brings a world of ideas to your group!

My professional woodworking career of over 30 years includes full time woodturning since 1996. The elegant lidded vessels that I am known for are exhibited at the finest Galleries and Art Shows in the country. I demonstrate and teach a variety of woodturning projects at symposia, guilds, and clubs around the country. My program can be custom designed to fit your club's meeting schedule, and the skill level of the workshop participants. What I do best is teach precise woodturning technique and design to all levels through a series of projects that are designed to provide exercise in both turning and design skills.
I always put together an exciting program full of techniques, tips, tricks, and ideas! My presentations include informative handouts on the subject, plus a source list. I like to put variety into my presentations; even if someone has seen me before they will see something new. To give the symposium or club meeting attendees 110%, I go out of my way to make myself accessible to everyone before during and after the event for advice, problem solving, or socializing. I am also available by email for further questions in the future. An all-day demonstration usually consists of 2 - 3 separate topics, with a break in between. The demonstration can be a preview or review of the projects taught in the hands-on sessions
Demo Room
Student and Teacher
Hands-on classes are a perfect companion to a demonstration. Whether the guild members want to learn cutting technique, process steps, or how to train the eye for design, I will coach each individual in their area of interest, and at their level of experience, as we work on a project. Class projects include boxes, hollow vessels, and, of course, finials. At any skill level, this is a tremendous opportunity for members to expand their woodturning horizons by working with a professional. I can design a hands-on class to run from 1 to 5 days, and for a variety of skill levels. Everyone is sure to have a good time and improve their turning skills!
Student and teacher