boulder sunset
Boulder, Colorado

The place where I create my work is a 2000 sq ft industrial space in Boulder, Colorado

that I share with my partner David Nittmann.

We have a nice view of the front range of the Rocky Mountains from our front door.
The wave clouds from our strong westerly winds make for some awesome sunsets!

The actual shop floor is about 2/3 of the space, the rest is the office and shipping room.
There are no employees working here, just me, David, and the cats.
Raja always catches the mouse, so he works at the computer.
Carter is in charge of shipping. And Wiley-O's spirit watches over all of us.
Raja at work
Carter does shipping
Wiley watches

Both of us having a background in cabinet and furniture building, we like to have a fully equiped cabinet shop. In addition, we have 8 lathes.

Mine are a Vicmarc VL200, Stubby 750, 2 Jet Minis, and a Sherline pen lathe.
David uses a large Nichols lathes, A Robust American Beauty, and a Stubby 750.

My highest priority is to live the life of my own choosing.
I do the work that stimulates me creatively, and operate on my own time schedule. I have my dream workshop to play in
with all of the best toys (tools).
David and I run 25 - 50 miles per week on the open-space trails surrounding us. In summer we experience the magic of the high mountains at 12000 to 14000+ feet above sea level.

It took 3 years of waiting, and then 2 months of down-time to move into this wonderful shop. Definitely worth the wait!

With the type of work we both do, we need to buy the best pieces of wood when they come available. This means there is a lot of shop space devoted to wood storage. In my work, I need the burls to be dry before final shaping. The dry wood doesn't shrink or crack, insuring that the lids always fit well and the surface of the vessel stays smoothly polished. I dry my rough-turned vessels in a kiln made from a converted chest freezer.

Keeping the tools sharp is the key to making clean cuts. A light touch and keen eye form a pleasing shape. There's nothing quite as satisfying as making the chips fly!
My Purple Vicmarc Lathepurple vicmarc
burl storage
CD at the lathe
drying box
CD and Family on porch