Stuart Batty Grinder Platforms

Above: 5" Round Corner Platform

The best Grinder Platform made!

- Stainless Steel top plates are interchangeable.

- 1-5/8" cut out allows for good support next to the wheel.

- Re-designed trunion pivot keeps the platform close to the wheel,
even at extreme angles.

- Available with 5" Round Corner, 6" Round Corner, and 5" Square Corner top plates.

- Available with SBT mount and base, with SBT mount only, or with OneWay mount.

- The SBT mount and base is stiffer and stronger than the OneWay, but it means not using your OneWay Wolverine system on the grinder.

- Please note: Using the OneWay mount for your SBT platform requires moving your OneWay base back about 1" from the stock location.
You will still be able to use all of your Wolverine accessories.

- Parts are also available separately. Please email me for help.

User manual is here

Stuart Batty Angle Gauges
are the perfect companion to these platforms!

See them here

Visit Stuart Batty's website for more tools, information, and instructions.
Below Left: 6" Round Corner, Below Right: 5" Square Corner
Above left: Wolverine mount, Above right: 6" plate dimensions  
Learn Platform Sharpening with
Stuart Batty!

5" Round Corner Platform

Please choose mount and base

5" Square Corner (Rectangular) Platform
Please choose mount and base
Stuart Batty Angle Gauges - Set of 3 - $74.50

Above left: 5" round platform with SBT mount and base,
Above right: SBT mount only
$9.95 Priority Shipping per order
Standard Ground within the USA

email me any time with ordering questions

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