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Please contact me if you would like to know more about my work. My pieces are also available at shows, exhibitions, and galleries.

"Sunshine Wildfire" Dancer Dancer - inside Cleopatra "Sue's Blue Waterfall", Dyed Maple Burl Lidded Bowl Amboyna Burl Urn with Threaded Lid "Amphitrite, Goddess Queen of the Sea", Dyed Burl Lidded Vessel "Serenity", Chechen Burl Urn with Threaded Lid "Demeter", Eucalyptus Burl Lidded Vessel
When you invite my artwork into your home, you bring beauty into your life. You experience the personal connection that creating and owning artwork gives us.

I hope you will choose one of my very special pieces to share your life!
"Metis", Eucalyptus Burl Lidded Vessel "Green Conscious", Masur Birch Lidded Vessel "Phoenix Number Nine", Dyed Burl Lidded Vessel "Libra", Banksia Pod Goblet "Phoenix VI", Masur Birch Lidded Vessel "Timberline Treasure", Collaboration with David Nittmann "Woven Together Forever", Collaboration with David Nittmann "G-R", Collaboration with David Nittmann "Chocolate Raspberry Truffle", Collaboration with David Nittmann
It is my belief that artistss express what is meaningful in their lives, and in the world, through their artwork. Our values, emotions, fears, and delights emerge through the work of our hands. Art has, throughout history, been a vitally important element of every civilized human society.
"Autumn", Dyed Burl Vessel Karmonic Vibration Redwing Blackbird Redwing Blackbird, Inside View "Aquamarine", Dyed Burl Bowl "Pacific Forest", Dyed Burl Centerpiece Bowl "Pacific Forest", Dyed Burl Centerpiece Bowl "Arizona Malachite", Dyed Burl Bowl "Arizona Malachite", Dyed Burl Bowl - Top View
Beauty is important to me. I surround myself with the beauty of Nature.
I love to work with Nature's most beautiful and precious materials. In my artwork, I express my love of the beauty in our world..
"Sereni-Tea", Sea Urchin Teapot "Integri-Tea", Sea Urchin Teapot Rosewood Triangle Rosewood Triangle - open "Lurlina", Gilded Sea Urchin Lidded Vessel "Lurlina", Gilded Sea Urchin Lidded Vessel - Open "Ebony and Pink Ivory "FireStar", Amboyna Burl Lidded Bowl "Inanna", Chechen Burl Lidded Vessel
The finely finished interior spaces, and the jewels that I hide inside my pieces,
express my feeling that the most precious treasures in life are those that are hidden from view.
    "Azure Splash", Dyed Burl Bowl "Turn the World Around", Amboyna Burl Centerpiece Bowl "Turn the World Around", Amboyna Burl Centerpiece Bowl "Ace of Spades", Dyed Burl Lidded Vessel      
I look on the bright side of life, seeking out hidden opportunities that are there for those who make the extra effort to look.
Treasures are found in the love of a life-long friend, in "taming" a feral cat (or perhaps being tamed by him), and in the view from the top of a steep mountain climb.
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