It is my belief that artists of all kinds express what is meaningful in their lives, and in the world that they live in, through their artwork.
Our values, emotions, fears, and delights emerge through the work of our hands.
Art is, and historically has always been, a vitally important element of every civilized human society.

Beauty is important to me. I surround myself with the beauty of Nature. I love to work with the most beautiful and precious materials.
In my artwork, I express my love of the beauty in our world.

The finely finished interior spaces, and the jewels that I hide inside my pieces, express my feeling that the most precious treasures in life are those that are hidden from view.
I like to look on the bright side, seeking out the hidden opportunities that are there for those who make the extra effort to look.
Treasures are found in the love of a life-long friend, in "taming" a feral cat, and in the view from the top of a steep mountain climb.

When you invite my artwork into your home, you bring beauty into your life. You create the personal connection that creating and owning artwork gives us.
I hope you will choose one of my very special pieces to share your life!

I am fortunate in having discovered very early that my love of working with wood could be cultivated into a way to make a living. At age 19 I took a job at a player piano factory, where the owner of the factory gave me a valuable gift that changed my life's direction. The player piano factory was the hobby of a California lawyer who loved machinery. He had a large building full of 19th century woodworking machines driven by a working steam engine that he fired up once a year to put all of the antique machines through their paces. There were modern machines at the piano company as well, and I was encouraged to learn about any and all of them that inspired me.

The owner of the factory was always available to answer my questions, and to suggest new projects for me to explore. During the 5 years that I worked there, I got a good basic understanding of woodworking, metal machining, brazing, plastics, adhesives, fasteners, engineering, and manufacturing. Thanks to this man, I have been free to discover and pursue my own passion.

Working in small cabinet shops until 1992, I then turned to full time self-employment. I explored several options, including making hang gliding equipment and building airplanes, before realizing that working with wood was my true passion. My first experience with turning wood was in 1984, when I made a pair of chairs with turned spindles.
Woodturning continued to be one of my many hobbies until I made it my full time occupation in 1998.
CD at the lathe
Cindy Drozda portrait
Life as a self-employed woodturner is not without difficulty. On this journey I continue to experience my strengths and weaknesses;
the greatest struggle for me has been with self-confidence. A tremendous source of strength and inspiration has been my life-partner
David Nittmann
, whose support and encouragement has helped me to grow as an artist and as a person.

My work has been chosen for exhibitions around the country, and has appeared in several magazines and books. I am an active member of the American Association of Woodturners, and demonstrate my woodturning techniques at national symposiums and local clubs. Through my instructional DVD/videos, I am able to share my passion for woodturning with the entire community.

My home and studio are in Boulder, Colorado. David and I are "Staff" to three cats, Raja, Carter, and the Sprit of Wiley-O, who keep us busy when we are not gardening, practicing yoga, or running in the neighboring mountain parks.