Class Handouts and Technical Papers

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Hands-on Workshops Demonstrations Technical Papers
Equipment list for Demonstrations
Descriptions of Demonstrations
Finial Box - Step by Step

Triangular Box page 1
Triangular Box page 2
Triangular Vessel
Twisted Triangle Box page 1
Twisted Triangle Box page 2
Business Plan pg 1 - Jigsaw Puzzle
Business Plan page 2 - Shop Rate
Business Plan page 3 - Product
Business Plan page 4 - Shows
Business Plan page 5 - Services
Business Plan - Artists' Resources
Inspiration Resources
Finial Star Drawing
Finial Star - Step by Step
Final Star Sources of Supply
Inlay Lid Box - step by step
Mushroom Box Drawing
Gilded Ornament Sources of Supply
Metal Tool Handle
Metalworking Equipment List
Metalworking Success
Bandsaw Blade Soldering
Image Editing Resources
Image Editing Practice Files
Website Panel Resources
Getting Started on Facebook - 6.5MB
Getting Started on Facebook - 15MB