Trend Tool Cleaner

Trend Tool Cleaner

Trend Tool Cleaner - 18 oz (532 ml) - $12

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- Lubricate and clean your CBN wheel for faster cutting

- Cleans wood resin from tools.

- Unique property breaks bond and lifts dirt from the tool, unlike citrus cleaners and harsh chemicals which dissolve the dirt.

- Provides rust and corrosion protection

- includes empty 2 oz spray bottle

- Made in USA

Trend Diamond Lapping Fluid

Trend Diamond Lapping Fluid

Trend Lapping Fluid - 100 ml (3.4 oz) - $15

Trend Lapping Fluid - 500 ml (17 oz) - $50

- Suitable for use with all diamond abrasive products

- Reduces possibility of clogging

- Improves diamond stone durability and overall performance

- Reduce the risk of rust

- Made in Great Britain
Trend Diamond HoneTrend Diamond Hone
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