Diamond Hone Card

Diamond Hone

Perfect for Sharpening your Vortex Tool!

- Double sided grit: Coarse 180/300, Medium 300/600, Fine 600/1000

- Continuous Monocrystalline Diamond prevents diamond lift

- Fits in your pocket for honing at the lathe


- Use a magnet to hold it for benchtop honing

- Excellent quality, perfect for a variety of honing tasks

- 2"/50mm x 3-5/16"/84mm x 1/16"/1.5mm thick

Use with Trend Lapping Fluid for best performance
Trend Diamond HoneTrend Diamond Hone

Diamond Hone Card $25
Medium Grit

Fine Grit

Tapered Diamond File - $25

Flat on one side, slightly rounded on the other, grit on both sides.
Overall length 7-1/8"/180mm, abrsive length 3-1/8"/78mm

Lapping Fluid 100 mlTrend Lapping Fluid
100ml (3.38oz)

- Suitable for use with all diamond abrasive products

- Reduces possibility of clogging

- Improves diamond stone durability
and overall performance

- Reduce the risk of rust

- Made in Great Britain
$9.95 Priority Shipping per order
Standard Ground within the USA

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