Gold Engraving Filler Stick

Gold Engraving Filler Stick

This is what I use to enhance my engraved signature. The soft filler material is rubbed into engraving, carving, or pyrography for a classy and permanent mark that dries hard. Metallic Gold color looks great with most types of wood.

Fills decorative engraving, texture, or details on wood, plastic, metal, stone, etc.
One stick will fill a lot of signatures!

To use, remove the film from the tip of the Engraving Filler Stick. Rub into your engraving or carving, wipe off excess with a cloth or paper towel, and buff with very fine (4000 grit) abrasive or a clean paper bag. On rough surfaces, remove excess gold filler material with mineral oil.

Works best on hard, close-grained wood or a fully sealed surface.
Open grain will get filled along with your engraving. That can look great, too!


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