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Multi Axis Hollow Vessel
Saturday, October 3rd
Join me as I turn a hollow vessel with the inside bigger than the outside! Take the techniques learned in the Triangle Box to a new dimension. You will learn how to make a curved multi-axis form, hollow with a captured system,
and reverse the form to finish the bottom.

Start time is 7am Hawaii, 9am Alaska, 10am Pacific, 11am Mountain, 12noon Central, 1pm Eastern, 2pm E Canada, 6pm UK, and 7pm Western Europe.
The Zoom meeting will open 1/2 hour early to socialize and troubleshoot connection problems.
Multi axis vessel
Gilding with Metal Leaf
Friday, October 16th

Metal leaf adds a touch of class to your work! Learn how to work with both composition leaf and 24K real gold leaf. Focus will be on gilding irregular surfaces like the rim of a natural edge bowl, a Sea Urchin shell, burls, and Banksia Pods.


Start time: 6:00am West AU, 7:00am Japan, 8:00am East AU, 10:00am NZ (in NZ, Japan, and AU the date is October 17th), 12:00pm Hawaii, 2:00pm Alaska, 3:00pm Pacific, 4:00pm Mountain, 5:00pm Central, 6:00pm Eastern, 7:00 E Canada.

The Zoom meeting will open 1/2 hour early for socializing and troubleshooting connection problems. 

Finial Box v2.0 (the easy way) - October 31st
Banksia Pod Inspiration - November 13th

Cindy Drozda
Live Woodturning Demonstrations


Join me for a Live Interactive Woodturning Demonstration!


Only $12 US per person!


Watch me LIVE as I show you how to make a woodturning project.

I will be in my workshop in Erie Colorado, working with my tools and equipment.


You could win the piece that I make in the Demonstration! There will be a raffle at the end.


View the Demonstration on your computer, tablet, phone, or tv.

All you need is a screen, speaker, and internet connection.

If you have a camera and microphone, we can see and hear you, but it isn't necessary.

View a recording of the Demonstration for 30 days following


Connect to me using Zoom software. Once you pay for the session, you will be emailed a link to register with Zoom. You need to follow that link and register before the day of the demonstration. Zoom will then send you an email with the joining information.


Click HERE for a tutorial on using Zoom.


This is Live! You will see all of the steps to the project, and all of my mistakes and catches!


This is Interactive, too! You can ask questions during the demonstration,

at the break, and afterwards.

Turners of every skill level will learn tips and get inspiration.


Get a Virtual Tour of my workshop! I have a professional shop where I do woodworking, metalworking, and woodturning.


I have prepared notes and visuals for you to download for each topic.


The Zoom session will start 1/2 hour before the Demonstration start time.

That will give you time to connect, and we can chat with each other before start time.

I will guide you through the controls on Zoom to maximize your experience of the meeting.


The total time for the demonstration is usually 2-4 hours.


Our Moderator will be Cynthia Carden Gibson


Please be aware! Stuff happens sometimes. If anything goes wrong, such as internet or power failure, or if you are unable to attend, I will save a seat for you at a future Demonstration.

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