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Learn to Turn Lidded Containers - 4 Classes

I love how a lidded piece hides a mysterious private space, or a valuable object.
Curiosity draws me over to lift the lid and see what’s inside. Lidded Containers offer us some turning challenges, and wonderful design opportunities.

In this series on Learning to Turn Lidded Containers, I will teach you the skills to move from turning a small lidded box, to creating a piece with more complexity.
We will explore Natural Edges, Fitted Lids, Finials, Pedestals, Coloring, and Finishes.

Each Session is $20 per person
Includes a Follow-up Q&A Session and 6 months of video replay
Start time for all Sessions is 1pm Eastern, 15:00 UTC.
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Join all 4 Sessions for $72 per person

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Session #1:
Waterfall Lidded Natural Edge Bowl
Turning the Bowl and Lid

My Waterfall is a natural edge lidded bowl with a unique form! I usually make this piece from a burl. It looks great made from a side grain blank with a natural log edge, also.

In this session you will learn:
Choosing and cutting the blank
Balancing the natural edge
Turning the Waterfall shape
Fitting the lid
Coloring and finishing techniques

This class has ended.
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Session #2:
Turn the Finial and Pedestal
for all 3 Lidded Containers

A graceful and elegant Finial and Pedestal give a unique personality to your Lidded Containers! In Session #2 we turn the Finial and Pedestal, and fit them to the piece.

You will learn:
Spindle turning techniques with a gouge
Create fine spindles to accent your lidded pieces Finial and Pedestal design and proportions Proportions of Vessel to Finial and Pedestal
Fitting the accent pieces to the forms
Coloring and finishing techniques

This class has ended.
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Download the Notes:
Finial Guidelines - Finial Proportions - Waterfall Proportions
Finial and Pedestal Drawings - Finial and Pedestal Steps - Finial and Pedestal Tool List
Lidded Container Links
Session #3:
Lidded Chalice with Natural Edge
Turning the Bowl and Lid

The Lidded Chalice is a graceful and uplifting form, with some new challenges! I love to make this piece from a burl, and I have also made them from Banksia Pod, or an endgrain branch with a natural edge.

Learn how to create a pleasing ogee form
Cut the burl blank and balance the natural edge
Hollow a deep bowl
Fit the lid and pedestal to the form
Finish the burl


Live Class - September 17th, Follow-up - October 8th

This class has ended.
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Download the Notes:
Chalice Drawing - Chalice Finial and Pedestal Steps - Chalice Finial and Pedestal Drawing - Chalice Steps - Chalice Tool List - Chalice Proportions - Color Process - Lidded Container Links
  Session #4:
Lidded Hollow Vessel
Shaping the Vessel and Collar

This Lidded Hollow Vessel has a one piece lid and Finial, and a collar around the opening. Give it a different personality with a longer or shorter pedestal. Take your hollowing to the next level with this form!

You will learn: Vessel forms and proportions
Display the burl figure to advantage on your form
Hollow a more difficult enclosed shape
Reverse the vessel to work the bottom
Create a one piece lid and Finial
Fit a contrasting wood collar around the lid
Finish your lidded vessel


Live Class - October 29th, Follow-up - November 12th

Download the Notes (more coming soon):
Short Lidded Vessel Proportions - Tall Lidded Vessel Proportions - Lidded Container Links

Cindy Drozda
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Each class includes the Demonstration, plus a Follow-up Session where you can troubleshoot your process, share your work,
and learn from everyone's experiences.

Classes usually run at least 3 hours,

and I will stay with you until all of your questions are answered.

View a recording of the Demonstration for 6 months following. (Follow-up Sessions are not recorded)

You could win the piece that I make in the Demonstration!
I also raffle turning blanks and other prizes at the follow-up sessions.

I have prepared notes and visuals for you to download
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Broadcast in High Definition for a clearer image,
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Watch me LIVE as I teach you how to make a woodturning project, with in-depth explanations and High Definition cameras.

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All you need is a screen, speaker, and internet connection.

If you have a camera and microphone, we can see and hear you.

Connect to me using Zoom software. Once you pay for the session, you will be emailed a link to register with Zoom. Register right away and get your meeting link by email, or wait and get it from me 24 hours before start time.


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This is Live! You will see all of the steps to the project, and all of my mistakes and catches!


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Turners of every skill level will learn tips and get inspiration.

Get a Virtual Tour of my workshop! I have a professional shop where I do woodworking, metalworking, and woodturning.


The Zoom session will start 1/2 hour before the Demonstration start time. That will give you time to connect, and enjoy socializing.

Our Moderator will be Tod Raines


Please be aware!
Stuff happens sometimes. If anything goes wrong, such as internet or power failure, or if you are unable to attend, I will save a seat for you at a future Demonstration or give you a refund.

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