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Learn to Turn Boxes!
4 Classes
1pm Eastern US Time
Star Box
Wednesday, July 28th - $15

These Live Classes have ended. If you sign up, you will get links to view the video replays. 
Join all 4 sessions for $55

Everyone loves Turned Boxes! In this 4 lesson class you will learn the skills that you need to turn your best boxes. I will present 4 different boxes that are selected to teach you the fundamentals of boxmaking. Master these and you will be able to turn any type of box easily!
Each session will show a different box, with options for each project to be customized as your skills improve. You will learn Box Planning, Jam Chucks, Lid Fits, Finials, and Finishing options. Focus is on basics, and learning to turn Boxes. Perfect for beginning Box Makers!

Includes a followup session between lessons. At the follow up, you can show your box, trouble shoot your process, ask me any questions, and see what everyone else has done!
Lesson #1 - The Basic Box, Lidded Umeke - Saturday June 5th
Follow up Session - June 12th
Lidded Umeke is the easiest, most forgiving, style of box to make. This lesson starts with the basics, including preparing the blank, making the cuts, and sharpening the tools used. Tool requirement is minimal, and several different choices will be offered, both conventional and carbide. You will learn ways to advance your skills by adding features and customizing your boxes.

Download the Notes:
Box Making Success
- Umeke Box Plan - Umeke Box Steps - Tool List
Chat Transcript
Lesson #1 - Umeke Box

Umeke Box has ended.
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Lesson #2 - Capsule Style Box with Inlay - Wednesday June 23rd
Follow up Session - July 3rd
A box with flush sides offers a different look, and teaches planning and accuracy. The optional inlay is a way to grow your skills and vary the design of your box. Learn a more precise lid fit, and make a box with
continuous grain match.

Download the Notes:
Capsule Box Plan - Capsule Box Steps - Capsule Box Tool List - Inlay Box Plan - Inlay Box Steps - Inlay Box Tool List - Chat Transcript

Capsule Box with Inlay has ended.
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Lesson #3 - Finial Box - Saturday July 10th
Follow up Session - July 24th
A variation on my Signature Finial Box, with options from easy to challenging. An undercut box shape introduces you to hollowing, and measuring the wall thickness. The option to use a piece of contrasting wood for an inlay and foot increases your challenge. Learn my secrets to successful Finials!

Download the Notes:
Finial Box Plan - Finial Box Easy Steps - Finial Box Advanced Steps - Finial Guidelines - Tool List

Finial Box has ended.
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Lesson #4 - Star Box - Wednesday July 28th
Follow up Session - August 14th
The Finial on this Lidded Bowl is made from a separate piece of material. Learn a mortise and tenon fit, and a different way to reverse the piece to finish the bottom. An option to shape the rim gives your box an artistic look.

Download the Notes:
Star Box Plan - Star Box Steps - Tool List

Cindy Drozda
Live Woodturning Demonstrations


Join me for a Live Interactive Woodturning Demonstration!


Only $15 US per person!


Watch me LIVE as I show you how to make a woodturning project.

I will be in my workshop in Erie Colorado, working with my tools and equipment.


You could win the piece that I make in the Demonstration! There will be a raffle at the end.


View the Demonstration on your computer, tablet, phone, or tv.

All you need is a screen, speaker, and internet connection.

If you have a camera and microphone, we can see and hear you, but it isn't necessary.

View a recording of the Demonstration for 30 days following


Connect to me using Zoom software. Once you pay for the session, you will be emailed a link to register with Zoom. You need to follow that link and register before the day of the demonstration. Zoom will then send you an email with the joining information.


Click HERE for a tutorial on using Zoom.


This is Live! You will see all of the steps to the project, and all of my mistakes and catches!


It's Interactive! You can ask questions during the demonstration,

at the break, and afterwards.

Turners of every skill level will learn tips and get inspiration.


Get a Virtual Tour of my workshop! I have a professional shop where I do woodworking, metalworking, and woodturning.


I have prepared notes and visuals for you to download for each topic.


The Zoom session will start 1/2 hour before the Demonstration start time.

That will give you time to connect, and we can chat with each other before start time.


The total time for the demonstration is usually 3-5 hours.


Our Moderator will be Cynthia Carden


Please be aware!
Stuff happens sometimes. If anything goes wrong, such as internet or power failure, or if you are unable to attend, I will save a seat for you at a future Demonstration or give you a refund.

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