Australian Banksia Pods

Unusual, creative, and a totally renewable resource! Banksia Pods are the fruit of the tree, so no trees are cut down.
Turn with a clean environmental conscious!

My Banksia Pods are available in 3 grades. Size range is between 6" and 10" long, and 2-1/2" - 3-1/2" in diameter.

A Grade Pods have sound exterior and good proliferation and dispersion of seed holes

B Grade Pods will have weathered exterior and/or less consistant or less frequent seed holes.

C Grade will have areas with no seed holes at all, and/or weathered exterior, and may be smaller

A Grade is perfect for premium natural edge projects
B Grade works best with the exterior turned away,
or for production items

C Grade is great for casting and creative projects
with lots of character

Banksia Pods - B Grade - $12 each

Banksia Pods - C Grade - $7 each

$6.95 Shipping per order
Standard Ground within the USA

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