The Awl for All
Now You can have it Awl

The Awl for All

- A beautiful hand-made piece of Art that you can enjoy using every day!

- The blade goes all the way through the handle, allowing it to be struck.

- Brass plug in the top keeps hammer strikes from damaging the wood.

- Polished brass ferule

- Fine and very sharp point

- Each one is signed by the maker (that's me!)

- Available in a variety of woods. Current selection includes:
Mesquite, Hybrid, Pink Ivory Wood, Amboyna Burl, Gidgee, Thuya Burl.

- Approximately 1.5" (38mm) Diameter x 6" (150mm) Long

The Awl for All

The Awl for All - $90 each

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The Awl for All
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